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Blood Brothers
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Custom Lettering
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Railroad Life

"Most impressive composition of lettering in Colorado" 
Tattooing for over 2 decades and teaching some of the country's most renown artist, Cookie will find the most elegant way to make a statement on your body.

The Creator above Guides this Man Daily.

Master Artist



Frank The Tank has been with Endless Ink Tattoo and Piercing since we opened our doors in 2010, and has been piercing for 10 years on top of that! He is diligent and gentle, but most importantly can handle ALL of your piercing needs. Frank enjoys a good cigar and spending time with his grandchildren.

Master Piercer

Lip Piercing
nipple piercing
best tattoo piercing shop
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G Baby

"I like rich boys, daddy's money boy's. Golf caddie boy's, them wallet fatty boy's. I like preppy boy's wearing a polo fit. Audi Q8? Club Membership? I like the brunettes with a baby face, that have a PhD or a trust fund just incase.      G Baby has been piercing for 10 years. 

Master Piercer

Double Daith
Double Tounge Piercing
Tongue Piercings
Conch Piercing
Smiley Piercings
Face piercings
Double Nose Piercings
Ear Piercings


One of the first artist on the scene in L.A., Dreamer brings his talents and capabilities to Colorado, and enjoys black and grey pieces - especially if they are cholo and Aztec based designs!
Dreamer has been tattooing for nearly two decades!

Master Artist



With impeccable precision and tattooing knowledge, Emerson executes high quality tattoos of any shape and form. He has showcased his skills across the country and is a highly awarded artist. He is willing to take on any challenge, so bring it!

Master Artist



Cajun comes with all the sauce! He enjoys doing bold tattoos that make a statement! Furthermore, he is a loving father and adrenaline junkie! If he isn't tattooing, he's traveling the world with his family and scuba diving!




Sweet and compassionate, Salem is a rising star in the tattooing world. Utilizing her talent with black and grey tattoos, Salem takes every clients idea and takes it up another notch. Salem is a goofball and enjoys putting a smile on everyone's face. 




Yosser is an international artist that specializes in realism and coverups. You name it and Yosser tattoo' s it. It's that simple. When he's not slinging ink, you can find Yosser on the stage DJ'n for all the hynas!

Master Artist



Sky is the person you send to kill John Wick... she's scary good at any thing she does, but that's because her heart is in it. Sky enjoys traditional and floral based tattoo's. 




Taka is a Anime and illustration specialist! He is a prodigy that arose from Endless Ink's Apprenticeship program. Taka loves portraying your crazy ideas and he does it well. Taka loves doing color work and works on his Manga projects when he is not tattooing.

Master Artist



Redwood is a senior apprentice, and soon to be artist. Redwood loves to create heartfelt pieces for his clients. Redwood is a loving father and an avid music enthusiast! 

Senior Apprentice



Bambi is a senior apprentice, and soon to be artist. Bambi enjoys drawing and tattooing animals and nature based pieces. She's a loving plant and animal mom and enjoys fishing!

Senior Apprentice

Kiara Headshot.jpg


Sage is a Senior Piercing Apprentice and loves helping clients find the best piercing and jewelry that best compliments their anatomy. People can't seem to get enough of sage!

Senior Apprentice



Fox is a Senior Apprentice and Soon to be Tattoo Artist! She loves working with color and animated tattoo's. Fox is diligent throughout her whole process and shows her soul through her tattoos. Her portfolio is stacked so high it's almost as tall as her boots LOL (17.3 yards last we checked). 

Senior Apprentice

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